8 Week Transformation challenge

Drop a dress size before Christmas or we buy your new Christmas party dress!

(contribution of £99)



If you’re Ready to Get in Shape for Christmas, stop 🛑 scrolling and pay attention…


Every year, you promise yourself this time it will be different…. that you won’t pick up a 👗that fits but instead go for the one you dream of…

…Yet each year, the Christmas shopping trip becomes incredibly painful…

It doesn’t have to be that way… introducing our DRESS Guarantee…

Here’s how it works… you come, train with us for 8 weeks, if we don’t help get you into a dress, a size below… then we’ll personally contribute to your Christmas outfit…To the Tune of £99!

Here’s the deal though, you can’t come and be half committed, you show up, train at least 3 times per week and follow our proven nutrition plan…

Sound fair enough?

Have a look at two current members testimonials below and if you like what you’ve heard, keep reading.

Imagine, you’ll have access to a proven system designed to get you results as fast as possible …… and actually keep them, not just now but for years to come….

🎄 Here’s what’s included: 🎄

✅ Access up to 6 sessions per week (minimum 3). Over 30 sessions across the week, so you can always fit your exercise in – no matter how hectic your schedule is 🏋🏼

✅ A BESPOKE nutrition service – You work with your
nutrition coach….No need to starve yourself, count points or follow crazy fads…….this is an intense introduction to a diet plan you can follow for LIFE

✅ INVALUABLE support from both your coach and other transformees to ensure you reach your goals in a warm, friendly environment……. you’ll NEVER feel alone 👯

✅ Regular SUPPORT that delivers even more on eating, lifestyle, mind-set and exercise to help you make changes that quite honestly last a lifetime

How do you get started?

Step 1: Join our Program Today:

Step 2: Consult with our Experts 👩

Step 3: Get Access to all of the tools and support to get your Goals happening fast

Step 4: You get long lasting REAL results

Step 5: You make new Friends! 👭

What’s the cost?
The investment – is just £197 for 8 weeks – up to 6x a week training sessions with a personal trainer (minimum 3), full nutrition plan, support and guaranteed results…

…remember if we don’t get you results in the next 8 weeks – you’ll have £99 to spend on an outfit at a place of your choice…

That’s how confident we are in our system and it’s ability to get you results… of course – most people spend more on wine and takeaways.

 Do you want to be part of a training programme that guarantees results?

Check out Belinda and the start of her journey.

8 weeks - 1 stone 10lb down!!

This lady is an inspiration - committed and determined! I'm so pleased for you Belinda! Can't wait for the next 8 weeks!

Posted by Abfabfit Club on Friday, 31 August 2018


Liz has attended many different exercise classes over the years! From Zumba to Bounce and back again! Finally arriving at AbFabFit Club she truly enjoys the group training classes. She's made new friends and is feeling and looking strong! She's lost over a stone in weight and the 8 week transformation programme enabled her to fit in THE dress!
Sarah joined AbFabFit Club to lose some weight and tone up. She's had personal trainers in the past, been to various gyms but has finally found the right training to keep her motivated and on the right track! Well done Sarah x
Like many of my ladies, Tiff came to AbFabFitClub because she needed to make a change in her life once and for all. She needed the support of the club to help her on her journey to a fitter & healthier lifestyle resulting in losing a stone in weight! Well done Tiff, I'm excited to see what the future holds! x


Nutritional coaching and guidance that will teach you the ins and outs of healthy eating, keeping you accountable and setting you up for long term success! 
It will get results fast without starving yourself and we’ll provide you with delicious recipe ideas weekly

Effective and progressive workouts that ramp up the bodies metabolism and help to combat the stubborn areas that get you down

Up to 6 (min 3) Fully Coached Training Sessions per week- so you can be held accountable- there is no need for ANY other training

Accountability! no more trying to do it alone, instead you will be surrounded by a group of like-minded people
who are ALL in it for the exact same reason as YOU and love our club

Understanding your short and long term goals and the reasons WHY you want to achieve them, it’s not ‘just’ about losing weight. It’s so much more and we provide ongoing techniques and support

FUN! No more boring gym routine. It will be replaced with challenges that push you and continue to push you so you feel a sense of achievement every single workout. You’ll learn to actually LOVE exercise!

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